Florida Craft Shape

Florida Cutout

Florida Craft Shape custom cut from wood, metal, plastic, or foam for endless crafts showing state pride.

Wood Florida Cutout

Florida wooden shapes come unfinished ready to paint, or painted professionally in our shop. The wood Florida shape can be custom cut from Baltic Birch or MDF, popular craft wood available in several thicknesses and sizes. Our outdoor rated wood state is MDO, and the painted outdoor wood will be coated with a hard enamel on the front and sides.

Metal Florida Craft Shape

Galvanized steel metal Florida shapes are precision cut with smooth edges. The 20 gauge galvanized steel has silver metal flakes and light scratches for a cool industrial look. Plus, it is magnetic!

Plastic Florida

We also offer plastic Florida shapes laser cut from solid acrylic with a smooth edge.

Foam Florida

Florida wire cut out of foam is the ultimate in large Florida cutouts. The material will have visible pockmarks on the sides, but is great for big displays for your state.

Custom Florida Shapes

Put a custom touch on any craft project with our unique shapes and exclusive designs. All painted items are painted on the face and the sides, but not the back. Over-sized shipping fees apply to items 24" and over. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Custom Florida Cutout
  • Size: Longest dimension
  • Materials: wood, plastic, metal, foam
  • Wood: Baltic Birch, MDF, MDO
  • Metal: Galvanized Steel
  • Plastic: Acrylic
  • Foam: 3lb EPS Foam
  • Painted items are unfinished on the back
  • Made in the U.S.A.