Chill Diamond Fast

CHILL DIAMOND is an optical quality, very low viscosity transparent epoxy resin for small pours and thin layers. You can also use it to fill in very small cracks or knots in the wood. It can be used to seal the wood or to apply as a finishing coating on small surfaces.

It can also be used to create jewelry pieces. Perfectly compatible with various artistic additives, CHILL DIAMOND lets your talent take over and produce unique creations of exceptional quality. the benchmark for jewelry: studs, earrings, bracelets, cuff links, pendants, or hairpins.

With a pot life of 24 minutes @ 22°C, Chill Diamond offers the fastest cure-time in our Chill epoxy line. Make sure not to mix too much product at the same time because it will shorten the pot life.

This product is available in 1.5 Liter & 3 Liter sizes.


1. 100% solids, no VOC
2. Easy mixing ratio of2A/1B by volume.
3. Pot life of 24 minutes at 22°C.
4. Gets rid of bubbles quickly and easily without using a torch.
5. Easy to pigment. Compatible with pigments or inks for transparent, translucent, or opaque colors.
6. About 24 hour @ 22°C setting time depending on volume, casting design, and ambient temperature.
7. High impact resistance.
8. Maximum optical quality.
9. High gloss.
10. High abrasion resistance.