November 12, 2018 2 min read

You already are going to compliment your garage floor with beautiful garage floor epoxy. This means it time to get on board with phase two. You are ready to create the man cave. Here at Maverick Composites, we are here to give you some advice on creating and perfecting your man lair. Located in Jupiter, we are experts in all thing epoxy.

It Is Your Space

Are you aware that a garage man cave is therapeutic? Probably not because I just made that fact up. But in all seriousness, a man cave can be the talk of the town and your home within your home. It gives us the personal space we need and deserves after a long, stressful day at work. There are many benefits of having a man gave in your garage that are endless. Because of this, we won't waste any more time with stating the infinite reasons why it is entirely appropriate to have a lair dedicated to your manhood. We are here to explain the unobvious. You need to know how to create the space.

How To Make The Man Cave

If your goal is to create the best man cave possible, you need to have a blank canvas to work with. Of course, this is after you layer the entire floor with our special garage floor epoxy. You need to rid all the extra stuff that may reside in the garage. This includes bikes, winter clothes, cleaning supplies, an old washer. Literally, clear out everything. You can either sell the stuff, move it somewhere else, or throw it away. It is up to you… or your wife.

Once you have a blank space to work with it is time to get the right insulation for your new space. You are going to be spending every Sunday in there to watch football, you need it insulated. This includes the walls, ceiling, and garage door. Trust us, it is going to make the most significant difference, especially during the colder months.

Once you get all the boring stuff out of the way, you are now allowed to let your creative side show. Chances are you garages current state is not the most aesthetically pleasing. You're going to need some color on the walls to really give it your personal touch. It can be any color that you feel matches your style.

Now time for lighting. Most garages have only one light installed, but when you are trying to host a game of power, this is not enough. You need to illuminate the room. Try incorporating lights that look great for the environment you are attempting to create. Keep in mind your color scheme of the walls when choosing light fixtures.

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Your goal is to create the man cave. There is no doubt in your mind that it will be the best place you can possible crate. You are not alone because we are here to help. Maverick Composites will help you create the best possible man cave you have always dreamed of. We are masters when it comes to garage floor epoxy.Call or contact us today in Jupiter for more information.