March 11, 2019 3 min read

Are you looking to make your tabletop strong and durable? Some will think that polyester resin is the answer, however, have you ever considered using UV resin. It actually may be a smarter choice then you think. AtMaverick Composites, we want to inform you of the differences between polyester vs epoxy resin. We are based out of Jupiter but are available to everyone in the United States.

So What’s The Difference?

  • UV Resin Characteristics:
    • Epoxy is extremely strong and has great flexural strength.
    • Epoxy has a great shelf life. While we guarantee our epoxy resins for 6 months, you can reasonably expect the epoxy to last at least a few years properly stored on the shelf.
    • You cannot vary the cure time of epoxy resin. The hardener and the temperature determine epoxy resin's cure time.
    • A gallon of epoxy generally costs slightly more than polyester resin.
    • They have hardly any odor.  You don’t need a filter mask when working with epoxy. Epoxy is also non-flammable.
    • Epoxy cures fully when applied as a thin film, making it ideal for adhesive applications.
    • Epoxy does not shrink when cured.
    • Epoxy is very resistant to wear, cracking, peeling, corrosion and damage from chemical and environmental degradation.
    • Once cured, epoxy is moisture resistant.
    • Epoxy generally has a bonding strength of up to 2,000 psi.
    • Epoxy will not bond to polyethylene, polypropylene, EPDM, anodized aluminum, Teflon or Tedlar.


  • Polyester Resin Characteristics:
    • Polyester resin is brittle and prone to micro-cracking.
    • The shelf life of polyester resin is about six months – 1 year.
    • You can vary the cure time of polyester resin by adding more or less of MEKP catalyst.
    • Polyester resin generally costs slightly less than epoxy resin.
    • Polyester off-gases VOCs and has strong, flammable fumes.
    • Polyester resin does not cure well as a thin film, so it doesn’t work well as an adhesive.
    • The larger the pour, the more polyester resin shrinks when cured.
    • Once cured, polyester resin is water permeable, meaning water can pass through it eventually.
    • The bonding strength of polyester resin is generally less than 500 psi.
    • Polyester resin will not bond to epoxy resin.

Polyester Vs Epoxy Resin - It’s No Competition

Many epoxy resins on the market include a UV stabilizer that is used to protect against yellowing, as well as other problems that epoxies are prone to. UV stabilizer is necessary and effective. However, keep in mind that when it comes to the yellowing issue. A UV stabilizer merely delays yellowing, it does not stop it completely.  Another additive altogether is required to really combat yellowing. This is called something Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS). Unlike UV light stabilization, Hindered Amine Light Stabilization (HALS) actually interrupts the yellowing process at the outset, making it much more difficult for yellowing to occur. HALS has been demonstrated in numerous test cases over the years to be extraordinarily useful in protecting against yellowing.

Our UVPoxy will produce a high-build, crystal-clear, durable finish that resists yellowing, fading, and cracking over time. UV epoxy is specially formulated to resist yellowing caused by sunlight and other ultraviolet light sources and to resist scratching, water, and alcohol to provide a long lasting maintenance free protection for your surface. It is a high-performance epoxy also used for bar tops and table tops which produces a high build crystal clear durable finish that will never yellow, fade, or crack over time. UVPoxy can endure extremely high traffic areas such as experienced by nightclubs and restaurants.

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