April 08, 2019 3 min read

If you haven't yet, you must take advantage of the latest interior design trend! We are talking about a live edge river table. You must incorporate live edge furniture to your home in order to stay on top of the latest aesthetic. Maverick Compositeshas all the products you need to make this furniture become a reality. We are here to make sure that you know how to decorate your home with these marvelous pieces. We are based out of Jupiter but can ship to anywhere in the United States.

It Is Popular For A Reason

The River Table is a new, popular fad in the world of modern interior design. Inspired by enchanting trees, mesmerizing rivers, and spellbinding fields, each River Table tells a unique story of life, wonders of nature, and inspiration. Whether you are looking for a statement piece of furniture for your home or office or you want to ennoble your space with an elegant looking, welcoming table that is handmade, a River Table made of reclaimed wood and resin can be the perfect choice for you.

Naturalist brings you some of the most stunning river resin wood tables that will flow beautifully with the rest of your home or office interior. They feature extraordinary, one-of-a-kind designs and promote a warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere. Actually, the only thing that can flow more smoothly than Naturalist River Table is the conversation that will take place around it.

What is this river table? It is a special kind of indoor table constructed with wood and resin or glass. A beautiful stream of resin or glass that usually flows down the middle of the table makes these tables truly special. Craftsmen and artisans that make resin river tables by hand create recesses on wood slabs that hold the resin or glass insert to shape the top of the table. Two slabs of wood that look just like two river banks join together by resin or glass. This look will remind you of a river stream.

You Must Decorate With Live Edge Furniture

One-of-a-kind furniture pieces that say a lot about the owner’s style, character and refinement are influencing more and more modern home designs and interior decor. These statement pieces balance and ground home and office interiors while expressing creativity, originality, and ingenuity of the person or people living or working there. A live edge river table is one of the latest trends that fascinates homeowners, designers, and builders around the world.

Perfect for various layouts, for classic as well as for contemporary decors, single and multifunctional homes, and offices, River Table can ennoble both formal and casual living and dining rooms. In a smaller home or condo, River Table will have even greater importance and practically be the most memorable decor element.

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If you are attempting to create live edge furniture, we have just the product you need. Get epoxy resin with us today! In no time your live edge river table will be the talk on the neighborhood. If you have any questions about our resin, please do not hesitate to call. We have the most experienced staff in the industry, and for no additional cost, we will be happy to answer all of your questions and walk you through the entire process.Call us now! We ship anywhere across the United States.