March 04, 2019 3 min read

If you enter a home and notice a dining table that sort of resembles something from the Renaissance era, chances are you are witnessing a live edge dining table. You may be wondering where these earthy styled tables came from and we are here to inform you where they derive from. The professionals at Maverick Composites specialize in live edge dining tables. We are based out of Jupiter but can deliver to anyone in the United States.

They Are Everywhere

You have probably seen these tables and wondered what it was. If so, what is a live edge dining table? How is it made and why are you seeing them everywhere? And are they really that cool? In order to clear up the air,  we have got answers for you!

Live edge designs have been around since man started creating furniture. But what is a Live Edge Table? "Live edge" refers to a process of using wood, generally in furniture or shelving, where at least one side is left untouched or natural. Live edge wood comes from trees, obviously, and is milled the same exact way as "standard" wood, with one major exception.

Where Did Live Edge Dining Tables Come From?

Live edge furniture was originally popular in mid-Century modern homes, most notably by architect George Nakashima, who crafted a series for Knoll in 1946. Like many designers and architects of his era, Nakashima was a strong proponent of integrating natural, organic elements into his designs. Think Fallingwater, for example, and you can understand why Nakashima deliberately chose wood that was imperfect - burrs, knots, you name it - and then tied the beauty of nature, flaws and all, into his designs.

Understanding that live edge was a popular design choice in mid-Century modern homes makes it easy to understand why it's popular now. The era between 1940 and 1965 produced some of the most memorable homes, furniture, and design concepts of all time. Explaining why it seems to be more popular now is a little harder. Live edge has been around for decades, but with the advent of popular television shows on HGTV, the concept is much more visible. And like any good idea, visibility often leads to adoption.

An added benefit to live edge tables is that they are not specifically modern or contemporary. Yes, they fit in well into those motifs, and they are popular selections with interior designers. Nevertheless, live edge adoption isn't limited to just the segment of society that trends towards modern. Live edge is raw wood, in a very real sense, so it's also quite popular in more traditional settings. Picture a ski lodge or cabin, for example, and you catch our drift.

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