January 07, 2019 2 min read

Do you own an auto shop or a dealership that requires a service bay? If so, how you ever considered a garage floor covering with garage floor epoxy for that bay?Maverick Composites has the perfect options for you. There is no reason why Jupiter trust us to make their flooring aesthetically pleasing and also efficient.

You Service Bay Needs Attention

Seeing gray epoxy coatings in commercial service bays are not going to shock anyone. We have all been to a tire center or automotive shop where the service bays were one solid color-- and mostly dull. Why not set yourself out from everyone? Add some color and excitement by spicing it up a notch with garage floor epoxy. Aesthetics may be the reason that immediately pops in most people’s mind when thinking about your company.

While a beautiful, new, shiny epoxy floor may make a great impression on those walking through the shop, our experiences tell us that most service managers and owners are more concerned with the physical properties of the epoxy floor coating. If that is the case, epoxy is still a great choice for you. Here are some reasons why:

  • Protect the concrete surface against permanent staining from petroleum products
  • Protect concrete from contamination from silicones and other chemicals
  • Protect against surface deterioration from use, chemical attack, and aggressive cleaning
  • Increase visibility of dropped items and surface spills
  • Increase reflectivity to brighten the work environment

Your Concrete Needs a Garage Floor Covering

Concrete is a porous material.  While newer concrete is often power trowelled to tighten the final finish of the concrete’s cream layer, that does not mean it doesn't need protection or staining. Concrete needs epoxy for numerous reasons. The longer the engine oils, transmission, brake fluids, and rusting metals stay in contact with the concrete floor, the bigger and deeper the stains become. Over time, these stains can get to point where they cannot be removed.    

More often than not, when we visit existing service facilities, fluid spills have already permanently stained the concrete surface. Who wants to visit a shop that has various stains scattered along the floor? Epoxy coatings create a seamless floor where spilled items will remain until they are cleaned up or evaporate away. If that epoxy coating is coupled with chemical resistant urethanes, it can even protect against long term spills and immersion of petroleum products.

Whether it is protecting a newly poured concrete slab or rejuvenating a 50-year-old dealership’s service bays, epoxy coatings are a cost-effective way to protect and enhance your service bay floors. Sealers and paint kits just don’t cut it in commercial service bay floors.

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