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When it comes to the epoxy resin uses, there are many mistakes that can be made if it is not properly handled. If you feel like you are way over your head, do not worry. The experts atMaverick Composites are here to help. We offer the best epoxy resin for wood and also want to make sure you get the best advice. We are based out of Jupiter but can ship anywhere in the United States.

Dealing With Resin

Everyone is a beginner at first, however, that does not mean you are destined to fail just because you have never done it before. It is our job to ensure that you are aware of all the possible mistakes and errors that can happen when applying epoxy resin.

The Top Common Mistakes of Epoxy Resin Uses

Here are the five most common mistakes beginners make with resin:

  • You do not read and follow the directions.
    • Stop and read the directions that come with the resin kit before you ever open the containers. Does your resin mix 1 to 1? Should you mix by weight or by volume? How long does it take to cure? Once you have read the directions, be sure to follow them. Every resin is a little different and has instructions tailor-made to make sure you are successful.
  • The misuse of measurements.
    • If you are mixing large volumes of resin, being off by half a teaspoon probably isn’t going to be a dealbreaker. However, if you are mixing only a little bit to cast into a pendant then half a teaspoon is going to be a big deal. Use measuring cups every time.
  • You are not properly mixing the resin.
    • You must ensure that you are mixing the resin entirely and thoroughly. Just because the liquid seems to have no swirls and is one color, does not mean it is finished. You must also scrape the sides and the bottom of the cup to ensure everything is properly mixed to the right consistency.
  • You are choosing the wrong type of resin.
    • Make sure you do all the proper research before starting your project. What do you want to accomplish? Do you need a doming resin? Do you need a resin that cures hard? Do you want something that’s food safe? Sometimes failure comes from asking the resin to do something it is not designed to do.
  • You are overestimating your abilities.
    • While the resin is a ton of fun, it does require some skill. While some beginners are instant masters of resin, for most, it takes time to develop skills and to learn how resin works.

Ask Us About Epoxy Resin for Wood

When it comes to epoxy resin uses, we are the experts to trust. If you are a beginner and a little nervous that you make completely mess up, you are not alone. Maverick Composites is here with you every step of the way. We are based out of Jupiter but are available to everyone all across the United States. Our epoxy resin for wood in the best on the market.Call us todayfor more information on how we can help you!