December 18, 2018 2 min read

Commercial buildings and garages often see a lot of traffic, whether by foot or vehicle. This means that the flooring that you choose for your business will have to be able to stand much wear and tear, and you will have to keep it in good shape in order to avoid replacement costs in the near future. Maintenance is often an issue with high-traffic floors, and flooring for your business is highly important as it is one of the things that clients subconsciously take note of. We don’t have to tell you- first impressions are everything. An epoxy floor coating from Maverick Composites can give you the durability and aesthetics your business needs. So what if you have a beautiful metallic epoxy floor in your business that you want to keep in tip-top condition? Read on to learn more.Call Maverick Composites in Jupiter today to order your high-quality epoxy coatings.

Maintaining High-Traffic Floors

While our epoxy floor coatings will lend your floors the exquisitely polished, glamorous look that simultaneously will endure much wear, dirt and debris from heavy foot or machinery traffic can build up dirt and debris over time and act as an abrasive to wear down the protective outer layers of the epoxy. This means that a lot of foot traffic can be the cause of dull, dirty, and unappealing floors, even affecting their overall safety. However, with just a bit of maintenance, you can protect against this damage and maintain high-traffic floors. First of all, you will need to put in a moderate amount of upkeep when it comes to cleaning. For industrial and commercial spaces, epoxy floors require daily sweeping, while weekly should suffice for residential applications in high-traffic areas. Routing cleaning will prevent dirt and foreign objects from causing damage to the floor or posing safety hazards to your family, guests, and employees. Mopping your commercial high-traffic areas with a string or wet microfiber mop at least once a week is also necessary. Avoid soap-based cleaners, however, as they can leave a film on your floors that is unappealing.

Protecting Your Epoxy Floor Coating

Any spills on a metallic epoxy floor should be immediately dealt with, as they can pose safety hazards in a work environment. Moreover, acidic and chemical-based spills can also interact with the epoxy coating and result in permanent stains and damage. It’s important to deal with any possible damage right away in order to prevent further issues and seepage into the coating.

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There are just a few easy and fast steps to maintain the epoxy floor coating in your high-traffic business areas. While epoxy floor coatings are highly versatile and extremely durable, they do require a bit of regular maintenance in order to keep them in tip-top glossy shape and avoid the abrasions accumulated dirt and debris can cause, especially in high-traffic commercial zones. By regularly maintaining your flooring, you can help protect your investment in a metallic epoxy floor for many years to come.Call Maverick Composites in Jupiter for your epoxy floor paint needs today!