November 26, 2018 2 min read

One of the best ways to change the look of your kitchen when remodeling is to redo your countertops. Remodeling your countertops can bring an entirely fresh outlook to your kitchen. Epoxy kitchen countertops are a growing trend thanks to a number of  benefits that they provide. Maverick Composites in Jupiter offers a variety of Epoxy products such as epoxy floor paint and others in our ECOPOXY line so you can remodel your countertops in a professional and affordable manner. Read on to learn about more benefits of epoxy counters, and call us today for your epoxy remodeling materials and other needs!

Benefits of Epoxy Countertops

While many homeowners have traditionally used concrete countertops in their kitchen renovations, epoxy varieties have been gaining in popularity throughout the years as they offer a host of benefits that traditional concrete countertops do not. Epoxy is a resin-based countertop material that we at Maverick Composites offer in  a wide variety of colors and textures. Our ECOPOXY line of epoxy floor paint and counter finishes have a durability that has been proven to outlast many other types of materials while retaining aesthetic versatility. There are several main advantages of choosing epoxy over traditional concrete countertops when it comes to kitchen remodeling,  the least of which is affordability.

Epoxy Counters  and Affordable and Durable

One of the advantages of epoxy countertops is that it is highly durable. This type of materials is proven to hold a much higher impact resistance capability than other materials, and epoxy countertops are able to take up to 500 degrees of heat without showing visible signs of damage, making them great for hot kitchen pans. Moreover, the material is UV-resistance, so if you are a homeowner in a sunny area who enjoys letting natural sunlight into your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about the sun’s rays affecting the surface of your counters or bleaching the color. Another notable benefit of epoxy countertops is how easy they are to clean. Epoxy is nontoxic and nonporous, unlike concrete countertops- making them perfect for kitchen counters. This quality ensures that when cleaning the counters, liquids won’t seep into the material and leave deep stains. All you have to do is to use a soft towel and a moderate amount of force to polish the surface of the counter, and food particles that stick to the surface can be easily wiped off with a  countertop brush. The fact that most small nicks or color disruptions can be sanded out without having to refinish the entire surface is one of the biggest advantages of epoxy countertops. Moreover, the fact that less color pigment is used in these countertops means they will end up turning slightly transparent, helping to hide various color irregularities throughout the years.

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Unlike traditional concrete countertops, epoxy counters are easy to clean, highly durable, and keep their color through the years. Maverick Composites in Jupiter provides the EPOXY product line of garage floor paint and more for all your epoxy needs. Call us today to order!