December 25, 2018 2 min read

Most homeowners in America have a garage, and the majority of garages need a smooth floor in order to let their vehicles glide into the garage and keep the area insulated. As a hub for family activities, it’s where your kids learn how to ride a bike out and fix a car, and where you store basketballs and grills. There are a variety of benefits for utilizing epoxy floor paint to create custom flooring for your garage. These benefits include increased durability, chemical resistance, and versatile aesthetics.Maverick Composites in Jupiter provides a variety of epoxy floor coatings in the most popular and standout colors, from metallic colors of the rainbow to classic stand bys. Call us today for your epoxy floor coating needs!

Garage Floor Coating Has Many Benefits

There are many pros to using epoxy floor coating for your garage. Your garage floor has to to handle quite a bit of use as the center of many family activities. Think about the oil leak in your car that sprung last winter, or a messy kids’ arts and crafts project that resulted in spilled paint everywhere. Maybe you dropped a heavy toolbox and made a dent. Epoxy garage floor coatings are one of the most popular, high-performance materials for garage floors. One of the reasons for their popularity is the durability epoxy floor paint adds to your garage. Although concrete is very strong, it still has a certain breaking point. Constant fluctuations in  temperatures as well as daily wear and tear of a well-used garage accumulates over the years to leave your floors with a cracked, chipped, or stained appearance, unfortunately detracting from the overall appearance of your garage. Maverick Composites’ specially formulated epoxy garage floor coatings create a product that is hundreds of time stronger than standard concrete flooring and can stand up to much high traffic.

Custom Flooring That Lasts

Another great benefit of of epoxy garage floor coating is added resistance to chemicals that would chip away at concrete. Often, garage floors sustain long-term, continuous exposure to potent chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and other common household chemicals. A coating can prevent these chemicals from damaging your floors. Moreover, by installing an epoxy garage floor coating to your garage floor, you can decrease the amount of maintenance that you would otherwise have to do on your garage floor. There is little labor-intensive maintenance or tedious upkeep with a garage floor coating, as the epoxy coating creates a non-porous surface for your garage floors. Spills are easily cleaned up and routine care is much easier as wella s the garage floor is sealed and less prone to saturation or pervasive staining.

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One of the major benefits to epoxy floor paint for your garage is the prospect of creating custom flooring. Our garage floor coatings come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and you can customize your garage floor colors to your personal liking and taste.Maverick Composites in Jupiter offers premium quality epoxy floor coating. Call us today for your floor coating needs!