September 17, 2018 3 min read

Because of the effect ofconcrete floor paint creating a metallic epoxy floor has been big business lately in such places like resident homes, industrial buildings, showrooms, doctor's offices and much more. People are often impressed with metallic epoxy floors because of their immaculate look and many people would like to know how I use floor paint for cement floors including my valuable customers in Jupiter, Florida. Get in touch for more information!

Make Sure Your Floor Is Immaculately Clean

First, I sweep the floor then I spray water on the floor to make sure everything is getting absorbed. If there are areas on the floor where water pulls away, I degrease those areas. Some garages might need scraping if there is any hard dirt or grease. Then add acid to two gallons of water, but I always make sure to use a plastic bucket. Never use a metal container as acid reacts with metal.

Second, pour the acid on to the floor. I use a squeegee to sweep the floor making it look metallic. I now rinse the floor simply to get all the dirt out. After rinsing the floor, I use a wet vacuum to remove any grit. I may use a fan if needed to get the floor to dry faster. Then I must wait for the floor to dry. After the floor is dry, I check for any cracks and fill them.

Third, I mix the epoxy together. Epoxy comes in two parts, part A and part B. I mix both part A and B together then after mixing the epoxy, I wait 30 minutes before I apply it to the concrete floor. If the temperature is hotter than 70 degrees, I may begin sooner.

Fourth, I make sure everything is clean, cracks filled, checking for any wall debris. Once I feel confident about my cleaning, I put the mixed epoxy in a paint roller tray.

It's Now Time For Me to Use My Concrete Floor Paint

Now I begin painting using my paint roller now creating the metallic epoxy floor. While painting the floor I stand out about 2 feet from the wall painting both horizontal and vertical making my finishing strokes perpendicular.

Now I have a neat looking epoxy floor, regardless of what color paint I use, but now let's get into more interesting colors. I like mixing colors for a more creative look, so I will use Dolphin and Whale.

Then, I begin pouring my colors dolphin and whale on the floor randomly. Then I take my squeegee and begin covering the metallic epoxy floor completely mixing the colors together as I brush my squeegee along the floor. Then, I use my roller to cover any spots in the floor I missed with my squeegee.

Finally, I have finished installing my new floor using both whale and dolphin floor paint and now looks extravagant.

When finished, these epoxy floors are impressive looking. Are you ready for us to paint one of your old, worn out floors or a floor you want to have a creative style?

Maverick Composites in Jupiter, Florida will paint your floor of choice with our specialized colors of concrete floor paint and make it look sparkling new and exciting. Call ustoday for a consultation or you can write us