February 18, 2019 3 min read

If you’re clicking through this article, you’re probably picturing a beautiful river wood table in your living room. Think about all the pinterest boards and home decorating websites you’re looked through for inspiration, and now you’ve picked the perfect slab of wood material for the DIY project. You’re finally ready to start building your table! Creating a river table using Maverick Composites’ clear epoxy casting resin is fairly straightforward. Read on to learn more about he steps it takes to create a river table using reclaimed cedar wood and Smooth-On clear epoxy resin. This multi-step, multi-day process will create a high-gloss and UV resistant custom table. National companyMaverick Composites provides epoxy resin for wood and other epoxy products for all your clear coating needs in the USA. We also ship internationally! Call us today for your high-quality epoxy products!

Steps Of Building Your Table

The materials that you’ll need to build your custom table are: epoxy resin for wood (Maverick Composites EcoPoxy), reclaimed wood, a bandsaw, a planer, an electric sander, a router, melamine, an acrylic sheet, a hot glue gun, Sonite Wax, containers for mixing, and welding equipment. Firstly, use your bandsaw to create two pieces of wood (such as reclaimed cedar) that measure about 73” x 14”. Run the pieces of wood through a planer to ensure uniform thickness, then use the sanding tool to get rid of dirt or other imperfections, and then the belt sander to create a smooth and even edge on your table. Next, you need to build the mold to house the tabletop while the liquid resin is drying. You will create this mold out of pieces of melamine, cutting walls for the mold that are tall enough to house the panels of reclaimed cedar as well as catch overflows of resin. In order to create a “river” effect with the clear resin, leave a gap between the two pieces of wood that will be later filled with clear resin. Assemble your mold by screwing the walls of melamine into the base and placing a sheet of acrylic inside. Adjust the measurements as needed in order for the wood to fit snugly inside the mold and be sealed with hot glue to prevent any surprise leaks.

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Seal any exposed melamine on the inside wall, and apply a downward pressure on the cedar and the mold using clamps and pieces of 2x2 to prevent epoxy from seeping out. Mix your EcoPoxy resin according to the instructed ratio in the containers, and pour into the open cavity between the two pieces of wood. Make sure to pour a thin stream and avoid splashing. You will leave the EcoPoxy to set in the mold for at least 24 hours in a temperature controlled environment, and repeat this step in layers with 24 hours in between each layer in order for each layer to cure fully.

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To learn more about using epoxy resin for wood and to start your own DIY project, check out the premium clear epoxy casting resin provided byMaverick Composites. We offer high quality EcoPoxy resin products all across the USA, and also ship internationally. Call us today for your EcoPoxy needs!